Why Corfu, Greece?

The cosmopolitan island of Corfu lies to the north of the Ionian sea, at the entrance of Adriatic sea and  is the second largest and the greenest Ionian island. Its permanent population exceeds 100.000. Described as the Emerald Isle, the Garden of Eden and the Happy Isle, it was Homer’s ‘beautiful and rich land’, and Odysseus’ last stop on his journey home to Ithaki. Shakespeare used it as a background for The Tempest. The writers Lawrence and Gerald Durrell extolled its virtues.

The island,  has been prized by many nations, including the Corinthians, the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Romans, the French and the British and is rich in history, as evidenced by its houses, fortresses, museums, temples and churches. The Italian and British influence is highly evident in the architecture and the culture. The old town of Corfu is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Corfu is an amalgam of natural beauties, traditional villages and archaeological sites. It has large modern resorts, tucked away fishing villages, myriad beaches ranging from loose pebbles to gorgeous sandy ones. There is also a huge diversity of wildlife. There are over 600 species of wild flowers, exotic birds, including pelicans and hoopoes, golden orioles and bee eaters, as well as foxes, pine martens, and even the island’s famous wild tortoises! With the nation’s highest rainfall, scores of vegetables and herbs thrive here, especially in spring. With its beguiling landscape of wildflowers and cypress trees rising out of shimmering olive groves, Corfu is certainly one of Greece’s most beautiful islands.

Corfu is also famous for the Easter celebration. Every year thousands of people visit  Corfu to live the experience of a lifetime.

The island of Corfu is easily accessible by air and by sea. There are many direct flights from many European cities. Even if one likes to come by car, there are ferry links from Venice, Ancona, Bari, Brindisi (Italy), Himara and Saranda, ( ALbania ) and Igoumenitsa, Patra (Greece).

Corfu is so big that it’s not easy to get bored. One can do several activities all year round and there is always a new place to explore. It’s not an isolated island. The town thrives in life even in winter months. Even if you’d like to make a quick escape, it’s very easy to take the ferry (everyday schedules) and in only 1 hr and 20 min. you can get to mainland. Not far  from Igoumenitsa’s port, there are ski resorts, rafting, kayak  and wonderful towns, villages, archaeological sites and nature to explore.

Corfu has also a wonderful Golf Club that has been praised  as one of golf’s best kept secrets in Europe. There are also 5 cricket pitches– the newest of all is at the Marina in Gouvia. If you love sea adventures there are sailing and rowing schools for adults and children.

Each season in Corfu has its own romantic flavor and unique charm. The island  of miracles and wonders, where every moment the scene changes without affecting the harmony of the terrain. No wonder why so many people famous or not have chosen this place to spend their holidays and build their homes. Thousands of foreigners, mostly British, German and Russians live permanently in Corfu and enjoy its unparalleled relaxation and unstressed lifestyle of the Emerald island.